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What’s new in Timely: Quarterly update winter 2024

What’s new in Timely: Quarterly update winter 2024

Brace yourself for some exciting news to kick off the year at Timely! From a sleek overhaul of Memory for Mac to innovative features tailored to streamline your time tracking, we're committed to making Timely the beating heart of your productivity. Ready to find out how we’ve made tracking time in Timely even more powerful? Let’s dive in….

Memory for Mac gets a powerful overhaul

We're thrilled to announce a significant revamp under the hood for our Memory for Mac app. While we're gradually rolling out this sleek update to all Mac users, you can take charge and manually update to the latest version now! Rest assured, your data is in safe hands throughout this swift and powerful software glow-up. 

Tailor your timesheet review with Time Entry States

Introducing Time Entry States, a dynamic feature designed to align with your organization's unique needs. Admins can now customize their workflow, allowing timesheet entries to transition through various states such as Logged, Approved, and Verified. Easily review and approve timesheets with this new beta feature, available to all workspaces on current Premium, Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans. Access it under Workspace Settings > States.

Learn more in this help center article: Time Entry States →  

How does this streamline your time tracking process?

  • Precise time tracking for client projects, streamlining approval processes for project delivery.
  • Client-specific reporting and approval requirements.
  • Dynamic workflows that align with diverse project management needs.

Smarter AI tags for effortless time tracking

Timely's AI tag suggestions just got smarter! Now, our AI can automatically include tags when generating your timesheet drafts, complementing our skill of suggesting Projects. Spend less time on details and more on real work. Currently our AI is tuned to pick up one Tag per Memory. If you tag a project our AI remembers that combo for future suggestions and any default tags you've set up won't sway the AI's picks. Try it out for a seamless time tracking experience. Learn more in this help center article: The fundamentals of Memory AI →

How does this help to reduce time spent on time tracking?

  • Reduces manual entry and allows teams to focus on more creative tasks and improves overall productivity.
  • Enhances efficiency in time tracking enabling teams to spend more time on strategic client engagements and project delivery.

Bulk-select time entries for efficiency

Enhance your workflow with the ability to select multiple time entries in the Hours view. Easily modify projects, states, or delete multiple entries at once, streamlining your time tracking experience. Learn more in this help center article: Bulk actions in Timely →

How does this help to improve efficiency? 

  • Simplifies project management. 
  • Facilitates quick modifications to time entries, ensuring teams can adapt to changing project requirements with ease.
  • Provides a faster and more flexible approach to handling time entries.

Seamless integration with

Exciting news! Timely now integrates seamlessly with – the ultimate project management sidekick. Available exclusively on Premium, Unlimited, or Unlimited Plus plans, this integration syncs effortlessly with your work, ensuring you stay on top of your project success without the hassle. Admins in Timely, don't forget to connect with Timely’s Tasks add-on for the magic to happen! Learn more in this help center article: Integrate Timely with →

How does this improve project management?

  • Seamless integration with ensures teams stay organized, enhancing collaboration on complex projects.
  • Improves project visibility and coordination.
  • Boosts project success by providing hassle-free integration.

Round Up

And there you have it! Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore these updates firsthand. 

Go ahead and update Memory for Mac right now if you haven’t already. Try customizing your Time Entry States first hand, and start embracing the efficiency of smarter AI tags.

For real time updates visit our changelog and stay tuned for more innovations and from Timely – where every moment counts!

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