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Why Use Automatic Timesheets?

Why Use Automatic Timesheets?

We are in the future! AI is taking over the world and we are in luck. The increase in research and application of AI is making it slowly enter into all aspects of our lives. So what does that mean for companies?

It means that your job is going to get a lot easier. Automatic timesheets use AI to eliminate the usual worries of errors that comes with traditional time tracking.

Traditional time tracking is very limiting. It does the job when done right, but there is a lot that can go wrong. Using paper forms, punch clocks, and Excel sheets to time track brings a lot of risks. All these methods depend on the employee remembering to input their clock-in and clock-out times and note what they’ve done, but humans suck at remembering. Human error and calculation errors are very likely to occur causing wage miscalculations, a decrease in recorded billable hours and even employee burnout.

But it is not all doom and gloom for time tracking. Automatic timesheets ensure that human errors and miscalculations don’t happen. It does it for you instead! Installing automatic timesheet software makes time tracking something you don’t even consider until payday. It leaves you with peace of mind for you to kick your feet up and let your hard work pay off.

So why use automatic timesheets?

If you’re not already convinced here are some of the benefits of using automatic timesheets in your workplace:

Accurate time tracking

Humans make mistakes. All the time. But with time tracking nobody wants to be making mistakes. Human error is one of the biggest causes of timesheet errors. Employees mistake their clock-in and clock-out times or even manipulate their timesheets to allow them to have longer breaks.

Automatic time tracking eliminates human error. With the program designed to run in the background, all that is needed from an employee is to turn on their computer and run the program. No one is going to forget to do that. The program will then deliver an accurate record of the work day for both the employee and manager.

Saves time

Time tracking is a long process. When timesheets are left to the employee they have to take charge in calculating their total hours for the week. If the employee doesn’t, the admin team is left doing the whole company's timesheets.

This process can be delayed if an employee forgets to log their work days. They will have to take time out of their workday to catch up with their time tracking. In a busy company, there are many more important things that an employee could be doing. Automatic timesheets ensure none of an employee's work day is being taken up by the unnecessary task of manual time tracking.

Boosts employee productivity

Time tracking is draining and stressful. You want to be paid correctly because it is what you deserve. The pressure is too monumental. So why do it manually? Automatic time tracking ensures that you will never have to dread the task of filling out complicated timesheets. Instead of wasting hours on ensuring an accurate log is being made your attention can go to what matters.

You can turn your attention to those big tasks that are coming up and devote all your time to that increasing your billable hours in turn. Your workload will be kept at a nice level which will keep you relaxed and in control. Automatic timesheets will even help with that! Software like Timely tracks what you have completed and what apps you have used with no manual effort.

So not only are you saving time on doing timesheets, but you are also saving time tracking your tasks during the day. You will be amazed at how productive you will become once you start saving time with automatic timesheets. Even better, you will be paid correctly for all that time!

Real-time tracking

The use of automatic time tracking means that it’s fast. With traditional time tracking, there can be a long delay in the calculation of the whole company's total time. It takes a member of admin to collect up to hundreds of separate timesheets and put them into one cohesive document.

Speedy AI does this in seconds. Employees can instantly have an overlook of the whole week's work including tasks and time breakdown. These individual timesheets can then be put into a

company-wide timesheet by the program. All employees now have an individual reflection of their work day which is great for time management and productivity in the long run.

Gradually a clear and dependable record will be created of task history which can help plan new tasks. It is great for managers to look over their workforce, allowing them to see where improvements can be made and what is working well.

Easy task tracking

Let’s be honest, task tracking manually is a nightmare. It is hard to maintain a good system to keep track of all the tasks that you have completed and have to do. Not only does it reduce productivity by distracting you from your actual work, but your motivation can also be affected. 

With automatic timesheets, this is a worry of the past. The program will give you a detailed overlook of your week's work, showing what was done and the progress you have made with no efffort. You can easily adapt the program to your workload as well.

If you have a big project that breaks down into several tasks, automatic timesheets will do that! You can see the complete progress of each project, keeping a nice and tidy document to keep you on track and feeling motivated.


With anything new, there is always the worry of how it will fit in with the rest of your tech stack. But there are plenty of automatic timesheet softwares out there that can easily integrate with other time management software.

Whether it is your emails, calendar, project management software or financial tracking, automatic timesheets should capture it all. The pain of trying to coordinate with your team members about being on track and task delegation will be forgotten.

Automatic timesheets allow you to collaborate with your team so that you can all see the progress. Your life with automatic timesheets will be a breeze. Everything you will need to stay productive and organized will be all in one place.

Data analysis and reporting

Managers, the good news for you is that your life is going to get a whole lot easier. With automatic timesheets, your employees can send you their weekly reports. This includes what the employee used, what tasks were completed, and what wasn’t.

There is now a clear document that shows you what is going on with your team. You don’t need to endlessly send emails asking about progress, or worried about whether deadlines are going to be met.

The reports give you the insight that will help you get your team to be the best they can be. You can easily identify areas of greatness and where improvements need to be made. The secret weapon to optimum productivity and progress in your team is right at your fingertips.

Saves money

There are two main ways automatic timesheets will save you money: it records all billable minutes, and it increases your capacity for more billable hours by saving admin time, increasing productivity and reducing error.

Firstly, it records all billable hours by accurately recording all activity. The 5 minute meeting with a client - that’s recorded. The 3 minute email to a client - that’s recorded. These short periods of time may go unnoticed and forgotten when manually filling in your time sheet, but they all add up.

Secondly, automatic timesheets save you admin time, leaving you with more time available for productive billable work. Employees don’t have to spend time submitting their timesheet and can concentrate on more important tasks.

Furthermore, the big problem with traditional time-tracking methods is the consequences of mistakes. If it is found that an employee has been paid incorrectly, it's all hands on deck. Everyone from finance to admin need to get together to rectify any mistakes. That’s a lot of extra work for a lot of employees. If it’s a common occurence, it will mean a less efficient business or simply more overtime costs and overworked employees.

And, overworked employees means a higher employee turnover which can cost a business thousands. Automatic timesheets remove human error. When looking over time tracking reports you then have complete confidence in the accuracy. Managers can easily identify where resources are best allocated and spot tasks that waste time. A more productive workforce will always bring in more money.

So why aren’t you using automatic timesheets yet?

Unless you hate productivity, ease of mind, and being in control, don’t bother using automatic timesheets. If you love that then what are you waiting for? With the increase in AI usage and understanding, loads of companies are offering free or low-cost software that will revolutionize your workplace.

  • The benefits are clear and profound:
  • Accurate reports
  • Saves time
  • Boosts productivity
  • Live tracking
  • Saves money

Traditional time tracking is outdated. It brings too many problems that you simply can not afford and do not need to take up your time. Put your company in the future and make AI your friend. 

By using automatic timesheets, you will be shocked at how much stress has been taken away. Let AI do the hard work, and let yourself be passionate about your work and focus on what matters.

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