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Zapier integration, tag customization and UI magic

Zapier integration, tag customization and UI magic

We’ve spent the month with our heads down rigorously testing and refining your most requested Timely feature. Our lips are still firmly sealed at this point, but we can tell you that it’s currently in beta and we can’t wait to share it with you! Of course, all of that hasn’t stopped us from releasing a few new Timely nuggets in the meantime — including a brand new Zapier integration, increased tag customization, and UI optimizations to make automatic time tracking even more of a doddle. Check out your latest Timely goodies!

Automate data flow across your stack

A huge part of improving Timely centers around making it easier to connect the tools you love — whether that’s capturing more granular information on time spent on project management, or making it effortless to export Timely data to a third-party reporting tool.

Thanks to your feedback, we have a list of 70 potential tool integrations! We can’t deliver all of those at once even if we wanted to, but we know how frustrating it is waiting for integrations when you use niche, specialist software. That’s why we’ve refreshed our integration with Zapier to help you achieve more automation in a shorter time frame.

As converts to the tool will already know, Zapier lets you set up no-code automations for day-to-day tasks in minutes, building workflows between Timely and your stack that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Right now, that includes the ability to:

  • Automatically create or update records in other tools whenever you add a time entry or project in Timely;
  • Automatically create clients, users, projects or time entries in Timely based on a trigger event from other tools.

That means, you can now automatically mirror data between Timely and the 3,000+ apps Zapier supports — from CRM and project management tools, to HR, payroll and internal reporting software. The possibilities are potentially limitless once we’ve added all the trigger events and actions you need, which is what we’ll be focusing on in the coming weeks. Shoot us a message at support if there’s a particular Zapier automation that will transform your Timely workflow!

Improve time entry accuracy

We’ve revisited the UI of time entries to make it even more intuitive to log hours accurately using Memory, as well as making it easy to quickly grasp important information tied to a specific logged entry without clicking into it.

That starts with moving logged time to the right of an entry, and keeping logged money and icons (e.g. tags, “Billed” status) to the left:

We’ve also simplified the duration format and running timer icon, which you can now just click to stop:

But most importantly, Timely will now show a suggested new duration to ensure any extra time you spend on memories linked to a logged time entry makes it to your timesheet. That means when you continue working on something you’ve already logged using memories, you no longer have to manually click into your entry to update it.

Instead, Timely will show a faded new time suggestion to the left of your existing logged total. This suggestion will automatically update as Timely captures more time on your linked memories. Just click this total to override your original logged time. Accuracy made even easier!

Require users to add any tag

Hot off the heels of your new project tags, we’ve added further customizations to help you tailor tags to the way you work. Admins and Managers on Premium and Unlimited plans are now able to require users to add at least one tag when logging hours to a project.

Just head to the Tags section when you edit or create a project and select the checkbox that appears under “All tags” or “Select tags”. Choosing the “Select tags” checkbox will ensure that users on your workspace can only add a tag from a specific project tag list. Choosing the “All tags” checkbox will let them choose from any tag on your workspace.

This release is currently only available on desktop, but we’ll be rolling it out to Android and iOS shortly, too. The idea is to give you as much granular flexibility around how you create and use tags as possible. Check out our article for a detailed walkthrough of everything you can do with tags in Timely.

Enjoy a cleaner Memory overview

A small but mighty improvement! Timely can now filter out floating desktop windows from your favorite apps, removing the irrelevant memories that were confusing your timeline. That means you should never see memories for things like “Find and Replace” in Photoshop again:

From now on, only the main window or name of the file you’re working on should appear on your timeline, making it much easier to log your work to the correct project from your memories.

We’ve won 14 more G2 awards!

The independent, user-powered review site G2 Crowd has just released its Spring Report, heaping on a fresh load of awards for Timely! We continue to be recognized as a market leader among the 119 other time tracking solutions within our category, scooping up the coveted “Leader” award for the second time this year. In total, Timely took home 14 awards, including Best Usability, Momentum Leader, Best Results,Most Implementable and APAC High Performer.

Our users awarded us an average 96% satisfaction rating for:

  • Quality of support
  • Ease of use
  • Administrative ease
  • Ease of setup

Timely was rated highest on:

  • Ease of completing timesheets
  • Performance and reliability
  • Tracking time to projects

As always, this recognition is completely thanks to you, since G2’s awards are 100% decided by independent users — that’s your ratings, feedback and reviews. Hearing how Timely has transformed the way you work is truly what we live for, and we are ridiculously humbled and thankful for your continued support and gushing feedback. ❤️ If you haven’t shared you two cents yet, please take a minute to leave us a review!

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