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“The best tool for tracking time accurately while protecting individual user privacy.” Discover how data specialists Nabler have unlocked new operational efficiency by trading in their manual time tracking solution for Timely’s automation.
The best tool for tracking time accurately while protecting individual user privacy.

Praveen Dalal

Director of HR

Praveen Dalal

Director of HR

Timely's automatic functionality leaves manual time tracking tools far behind... tracking time accurately while protecting individual user privacy.

Hey Praveen! Tell us a bit about what you do at Nabler.

We are a digital analytics company helping enterprises and media agencies analyze digital data to better understand customer behavior and make revenue driving decisions. Based in Charlotte and Bangalore, we have advised some of the top 100 global brands and Fortune 500 firms. We are powered by 200 employees across our specialist business units for Analytics Platform consulting, Business intelligence, Data Science, Data Engineering and Customer Journey Analytics.

As data specialists, what’s the value of time tracking for your company?

Since we bill for our time, tracking time is elementary – we need to capture all the time we spend on each client task for accurate invoicing. Yet we also see the value of time tracking for optimizing our own internal operations and supporting employees. Effective time tracking can help management understand exactly where employees are spending time so they can ensure everyone is working on the highest priority and maintaining a healthy workload.  

What made you choose Timely for accurate invoicing and employee time management?

Before finding Timely we used AceProject, which only offered manual time tracking and was extremely time consuming. Timely’s automatic functionality leaves manual time tracking tools far behind. Timely offered us unbeatable customer support and very quick onboarding. With constant upgrades, the tool is also a scalable solution for our company. For us, Timely is simply the best tool for tracking time accurately while protecting individual user privacy.

Timely offered us unbeatable customer support and very quick onboarding. With constant upgrades, it's a scalable solution for our company.

How do teams across Nabler use Timely?

In total, about 132 employees currently use Timely. All the operations teams at Nabler use it to log hours spent on client tasks and other internal tasks on a weekly basis. Some also use Timely’s reporting to share weekly and monthly utilization reports with clients.

Managers and directors use Timely to understand team productivity and where time is being spent across the company. The People page is particularly useful for providing a high-level overview of employee hours – the visual color coding is great for grasping fluctuations in individual capacity.

What’s the consensus? How do your 132 users rate Timely?

It’s been well received across the board. Employees love the Memory app and native integrations with Outlook and Asana, which automatically capture time spent in tasks and meetings for them so they don’t miss any details. Timely’s AI draft time entries also make it extremely easy to log hours, removing manual input and reducing logging admin. 

Managers really like Timely’s reporting options – we can download and share utilization reports with our clients periodically with minimal manual effort. Everyone who uses the tool also agrees that Timely has a very cool interface that is easy to use. Crucially, everyone feels comfortable using the tool knowing that their data is kept private to them.

Timely's ease of use and cool user interface helped convince our teams to migrate to the tool.

Apart from user privacy and automation, what are the biggest Timely benefits for your team? 

There are several! Time savings and improved reporting accuracy are perhaps the greatest. With our previous time tracking tool we spent at least one hour every week just logging our time; now it takes 10-15 minutes. We love that you don’t have to remember what you worked on every day and how much time you spent on a specific task – Timely captures all our work with objective precision. 

As mentioned, we’re also big fans of Timely’s interface, which is very intuitive. Drag-and-drop functionality in particular has expedited our reporting, and we really appreciate all the customizations the Timely team made to help us track time more efficiently. Customer support has also been amazing the whole way through, and onboarding was quick and simple – employees got the concept and adopted the tool really quickly. Finally, the specific features and integrations Timely offers are a huge draw.

We used to spend at least one hour every week just logging our time. With Timely, it takes 10-15 minutes.

Let’s dive into features – which ones does your team find most useful?

Most obviously, the automatic Memory app and AI features. You don’t have to waste energy and focus thinking about what you’ve worked on and for how long – Timely accurately remembers all your work for you in the background! Using AI, it can even link tracked work activities to projects for you.

Integrations with tools like Outlook and Asana have made it even easier for our teams to precisely capture time on tasks. Timely’s ease of use and cool user interface also helped in convincing our teams and migrating everyone to the tool.


Timely’s reports make it almost effortless to share updates with clients and internal stakeholders – for example, Timely reports exact revenue per employee automatically for us. Quick graphical representations of employee capacity and overtime are also a highlight.


We really appreciate the small touches to minimize manual effort. For example, managers can set up automatic reminders to help employees complete timesheets without needing to chase individuals. There’s even an option to self-notify too.

How would you describe Timely to other enterprises?

Timely is your one-stop-shop for tracking and managing time accurately across all your projects. It’s easy to visualize company-wide efforts in cool, customizable reports, which can be shared effortlessly with clients and stakeholders. If you’re looking to automate time tracking – or simply want a more intuitive tracking tool – try Timely.

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