Timely + Todoist

For streamlined task management and effortless time tracking.

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What is Timely?

Forget timers, note taking and manual input—Timely can track time spent in every web and desktop app automatically for you.

Get a precise daily record of all the time you spend in documents, meetings, emails, websites and video calls with zero effort. And, it’s all 100% private to you.

Why Use Timely and Todoist?

Todoist is your go-to for crafting to-do lists, and Timely is where you seamlessly track their completion within budgets and planned resources.

Know exactly what you worked on and when

Seeing all the tasks you completed in Timely reminds you what you worked on, and having them all in one place lets you fill in your entry notes super quickly.

Automatical track time across projects

Easily capture and account for time spent managing tasks with Todoist integration in Timely. Import completed tasks, completion time, and duration directly from your Todoist app.

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Easy Project Visibility:

Keep an eye on all your projects and tasks effortlessly in one place by seamlessly importing projects from Todoist into Timely's Projects dashboard.

Live Project Reports:

With Timely, effortlessly generate live project reports and invoice billable and worked hours at any point. Stay on top of your project financials with just a few clicks.

How to connect Timely and Todoist?

Best Relationship - Winter 2024
Timely does everything in the background - you don't need to perform complex setups or remember to turn the timer "on" every time you start the next task. You just do the job: use your productivity apps, attend online meetings, work with mail, etc."

Anton K.

Senior SAP ECM Consultant

Users Love us! G2
"Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
Timely has user friendly clickability and syncs seamlessly with google calendar. I submit my time daily , and it takes 2 mins or less because I keep my Google calendar updated.

Soooo efficient! "

Micaela McDade

Design Principal

Leader -  Winter 2024
The application meticulously records tasks across various platforms, ensuring that no fragment of time is lost in the ether of busyness. "

Aly R.

Founder & CEO

Effortlessly track your time and boost your efficiency with Timely!
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Integrate Timely with Todoist

Can't remember what you've done today or which task you completed? Well, Timely makes it easy to keep track of all the tasks you complete and capture the time you spend on task management. With our Todoist integration, all of your completed tasks will show up in your Memory timeline.


Track time spent on to-do list, planning and collaborating with others.