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Transfer your projects and start afresh on Timely.

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Sync projects and clients with Harvest

Every company goes through an upgrade to their tools stack every once in a while. New leadership, different business needs, higher employee expectations. If you’ve been using Harvest and wanting to switch to Timely, we’ve got your back. 

This one-way sync integration for Harvest moves over all of your active projects and clients, so you can start a new journey with Timely in no time. Since you only need to transfer projects and client data once, you can disconnect this integrations as soon as you’ve moved over.

How do I sync Harvest projects? 

Easily. Click on the Harvest integration in Timely, go through the prompts and start your import. Your projects and clients will start transferring across. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

You can enable this integration on any Timely plan, and you need to be the workspace admin. Once you’re done, you can re-invite users to projects and resume time tracking, but with greater accuracy.

What are the benefits of transferring my project from Harvest?

Automate what Harvest cannot

The benefits of using Timely over Harvest boil down to accuracy and ease of use. In a nutshell: a great employee experience and a reliable source of project revenue for the business. 

Timely is the only solution on the market that automatically captures active work in a timeline while you focus on delivering projects across multiple tools, web browsers, and mobile devices throughout the day. 

Timely automates all of the steps you’d normally follow if you were to use Harvest. First, you don’t need timers (but can use them if you really like them). Second, you don’t need to manually match entires to projects – our AI learns how you work and suggests the best match for you.

And lastly, you don’t need to manually manage access permissions for hundreds of users. Timely’s Azure AD integration instantly synchronizes user membership for Timely. 

Focus on work, not tracking

Tracking your time manually is a distraction from the value-add work your team(s) work on, day in, day out. Whether it’s a client email or internal work, having to start and stop manual timers is pain. It’s even worse, if you ever forget to start or stop a timer, but we won’t go into that here.

Giving your team the freedom and flexibility to just get on with their work is liberating, which is made even sweeter, knowing that their work is automatically being captured with 0 effort on their part. Giving them the extra energy needed to drive growth.

Never miss a billable minute again! Switch to Timely and discover the power of intelligent automatic time tracking!

This Harvest integration is perfect for a one-off transfer when setting up your Timely account. It’s available on all plans, and can be set up by admins with Harvest and Timely accounts.
API used
Harvest API


A user who is admin in Harvest and in Timely can connect the two accounts and import the data to Timely


Import of

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  • Clients
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  • Users

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