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Connect Timely’s QuickBooks time tracking integration

Timely can draft invoices for all unbilled project work and send them to QuickBooks Online in a click. Provided you’re an Admin user in both tools, simply sign in to QuickBooks Online to connect your account with Timely.

Draft invoices in Timely

Head to your Invoices page in Timely and hit the “+ New Invoice” button whenever you want to invoice your work. You can ask Timely to generate accurate invoices for all outstanding hours across your current portfolio, or draft an invoice for a specific project or client.

See Timely invoices in QuickBooks Online

Once you’ve confirmed your selection, Timely will send your draft invoice(s) directly to QuickBooks Online. From there, you can add custom details — like PO numbers, VAT and discounts — before sending your invoice on to your client.

Streamline billing and account management

As a two-way sync, Timely’s QuickBooks integration allows you to follow the real-time status of submitted invoices directly within Timely — whether sent, paid, overdue, pending or void. To reduce the risk of expensive manual errors, Timely will automatically mark hours included in submitted invoices as “Billed”, so they can’t be edited or billed twice.

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Memory app

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