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Time Entry States: A Manager's Dream

Time Entry States: A Manager's Dream

Simply pressing save on a time entry is not the end. Take control of where it goes and ensure accountability. Managers, approve time entries seamlessly and guarantee accurate time logging.

We’re excited to introduce our dynamic new feature, Time Entry States, designed to align with your organization’s unique needs.

Our new feature lets you add personalized statuses to time entries, making the entire process a breeze. Easily check the status of any entry, and for administrators, the flexibility to craft custom states ensures a perfect fit for your business flow. Access it under Workspace Settings > States.

It's all about making things smoother for you. 

How does this help to reduce time spent on time tracking?

Transparent Approval Workflow

The traditional 'save' button often leaves users wondering about the fate of their time entries. With Time Entry States, the process becomes transparent. Each entry progresses through customized states, from submission to approval. This clarity ensures that neither managers, billing, nor employees are left in the dark, creating a more transparent and understandable workflow.

Managerial Oversight Made Simple

For managers, using Time Entry States is a qualified step for the timesheet.When a user saves a time entry, it's not the final step. The manager steps in to review and approve, providing an additional layer of oversight before it heads to billing, for example. This ensures that time is logged as it should be, meeting the organization's expectations, every time.

Customization for Precision

Every organization has its unique flow, and one size doesn't fit all. Time Entry States allows administrators to customize states to align seamlessly with their business processes. This customization ensures that the language used in statuses and the workflow itself resonate with the specific needs and terminologies of the organization. Do you need your timesheet to be labelled “Pending” or “Awaiting approval”, or even “Sent to finance”? You choose!

Enhanced Accountability

By introducing distinct states, such as 'Pending' or 'Approved,' the feature makes time tracking feel like a discussion rather than a statement of fact. There’s an extra layer of accountability among users, encouraging them to submit accurate and complete timesheets for approval.

Streamlined Administrative Tasks

For administrators, managing and overseeing time entries can be a complex task. Time Entry States simplifies this by offering a centralized view of the status of each entry. With a quick glance, administrators can identify entries that are pending approval or have been verified, streamlining the entire administrative process and reducing the time spent on manual tracking.

Locked Time: the ultimate safeguard

You can now “lock” entire days in your timeline, preventing accidental changes or edits - helping you keep your time records 100% accurate. Paired with Time entry states, managing timesheets becomes a breeze for admins and managers. 

Time Entry States means enhanced visibility - you know exactly where a timesheet is on its journey.

Locked time means enhanced control - you have total confidence that your entries are indisputable.


Our new Time Entry States feature revolutionizes time tracking by introducing timesheet milestones such as “Pending” and “Approved”. They create transparent workflows and empower managers to ensure accurate time logging. 

Easily accessible under Workspace Settings > States, this dynamic feature lets you customize statuses, streamlining the entire process. 

Managers gain a qualified step in timesheet approval, enhancing oversight before entries move to billing. Customization options allow organizations to align states with their unique processes, promoting precision and accountability. 

It's all about crafting an experience that aligns seamlessly with your business flow.

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